Established in the year 2008 by a team of well-experienced professionals OECL, headquartered in Singapore is one of the premier global logistics and supply chain partners in the region. We have been providing world-class logistics services and solutions for over 30 years delivering with passion and commitment across various industries. OECL’s performance since its creation has been outstanding in terms of handling multiple products to be utmost efficiency. It is our dedicated team of empowered people, simplified processes and the use of latest technology that has helped the company expand its own office network globally. Within a short span of time the company has established firm plans to expand its network furthermore to other south-east Asian countries and is in a credible position to offer what the international market requires.

OECL being a global leader understands that a successful supply chain management will require thorough planning and implementations which involves complex tasks which are carried out by people from diverse cultures spread across the globe. We try to integrate all the multinational capabilities with our expertise & passion thereby acting as a catalyst for our customers business by aligning strategies and operations to facilitate growth. Hence OECL would like to be a Vital Link to enhance customers Supply Chain solutions.


A perfect management of people, place and time are the key elements which we concentrate upon to attain supply chain optimization and a proper synchronization is maintained via our pool of vast experience and skilled experts who relentlessly work towards integrating functions of customers, suppliers and end users. Consolidation of cargo on important trade lanes is one of the strengths of the OECL and fixed day sailings on weekly basis give the edge for customers to prefer using our service and online tracking of shipments and e-updates for customers make them feel comfortable and updated. We have incorporated shipping and logistics for various industry verticals and our portfolio reflects our commitment, skill, passion and excellent service deliverance.


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